The KENYAN CHILDREN HELP Association was formed in 2008 to give children in Kenya a good education

The association was founded by Annedore Biberstein (president) and Hanna Zbinden (secretary). The two long-time friends decided to foster a school and support children living in poorest conditions. This gives them the chance of a better future.


They realised how important school and education are for the future of this country. Today, many teenagers and young adults are still analphabets. What those young people need is a good education. It is the only opportunity to qualify for a job and look after themselves and their families.


Their team received support with Klement and Claudia Biberstein (vice president), Jürg Flükiger (treasurer) and Brigitte Geiser (marketing).


Please help us to make our dream true .... good education for all kids.


for any donations we are very thankful.


Annedore Biberstein and Hanna Zbinden