The KENYAN CHILDREN HELP Association was formed in 2008 to give children in Kenya a good education

The association was founded by Annedore Biberstein and Hanna Zbinden.


In early 2008, the two long-time friends decided to foster a school and support children from the poorest backgrounds, giving them a chance for a better future.

They realized how important schools and education are for the future of the country. Many young people and young adults are still illiterate today! What young people need is a good school education, it is the only chance to qualify for a job and to take care of themselves and their families. 


With the help of donations and sponsorships, KENYAN CHILDREN HELP began to support the small school "WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY". In the beginning, 24 children attended the school, which grew to around 100 children within 3 years. The small school was getting cramped and we urgently needed more space. Fortunately, a solution was soon found not far away, near the small town of Voi. Here we were able to move into an existing school with several buildings.


We were even able to set up dormitories in one of the buildings, so the children from far away regions now have the opportunity to stay overnight on the school premises.



The school had been deserted for some time. Therefore, various renovations were necessary before the time had come in September 2011 - the lessons in the "NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY" could begin.



Another milestone was reached with the construction of a separate secondary school on the site of the NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY: at the beginning of the 2016 academic year, the first class of the NEW WHITE HOUSE SECONDARY SCHOOL was able to start teaching. So we can keep the children in our care for another 4 years after they have finished primary school and give them an even better school education to take with on their way through life.


The school is solely financed by KENYAN CHILDREN HELP!


Please help us to make our dream come true: enable disadvantaged children in Kenya to get a good education.


We are extremely grateful for every donation and we are also happy when we can arrange sponsorships for children from particularly poor backgrounds. Further information on sponsorships can be found here ==>


If you have any questions, please send an email to


Thank you very much for your support!