Spontaneously I said yes and a few weeks later we flew to Kenya together.


My first trip to the “Dark Continent” would turn out to be one of many..... Over and over I was drawn to Kenya, mostly together with Annedore, who became a close friend. We had long talks about the country and its people, about the difficulties people and many children you see everywh ere are facing. We wished we could do something. But who and how, everywhere people needed help ....but the kids touched our hearts the most.


When Annedore visited Kenya again in 2007/2008 she called me soon after returning from her trip. She told me about her encounter with some children in a small school, close to Tsavo National Park. The school had some major problems and the employees didn’t know what the future would bring. Wasn’t this exactly what we were looking for? Are you joining me, asked Annedore . And again I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”.


We founded the organization Kenyan Children Help and since then we are trying to find ways to support the school New White House Academy.


The ever growing number of children has been a big part of my life ever since. It is a great feeling to know that because of Kenyan Children Help many children will have a better future and will be able to make a living for themselves. And it’s always great to see how keen and disciplined they are, but also show a lot of joy i n studying. As much as possible I fly to Kenya, depending on my working schedule at home. In the meantime I’m getting to know more and more children by name and I can see how they are improving.


On my trips to Kenya I often take people with me who don’t li ke to travel to Africa by themselves. Up till now they all were impressed by the beautiful landscape and the people. And of course impressed by our school! Especially taking people who already are supporting Kenyan Children Help, or want to in the future and want to get an impression of the school, is rewarding.