Christmas Market in Rüschegg / CH

Christmas Market in Burgdorf / CH

Krokus rocked for Kenya Children Help .... thank you very much :-)

​Flohmarkt in Gerlafingen Juli 2013


Beauty apéro on the 16 of June 2012


We organised a beauty apéro in the nail studio NAILTREND in Rothrist. As many clients as possible were supposed to come around, and get their toenails beautifully done. Liliane Kernen donated the entire revenue to KENYAN CHILDREN HELP .


Furthermore, we sold jewellery and souvenirs from Kenya and set up a donation box.


Event in the mall Gäupark on the 1st of September 2012

The mall Gäupark in Egerkingen allocated us some space for our association for one day. We sold different articles from Kenya like for example jewellery, cloths, wooden figures etc. We were also collecting donations. It was a successful day.


Christmas market in November 2012

In Rüschegg BE we successfully participated at the annual Christmas market. In addition to the buying souvenirs, the visitors also donated for our association. Especially the sale of dwarf stories was very successful. Ruth Zbinden had collected these stories out of books and old legends. The entire revenue was donated to




A big thanks to everybody who has supported us at the Bazar in Gerlafingen.