A big contribution we got through Watoto Wa Kenya , an organization from Hamburg, represented by Gaby
Bentlage, Inge and Angie. Again and again they supported us straightforward and generously.
Thank you very much!


What a rejoicing day it was!!!
On June 13 th 2012 Mama Annedore received several packages which contained 100
wonderful warm blankets, just in time for the upcoming chilly nights in Kenya.

All this was organised by a good fairy from Germany: Gabriele Bentlage from Zenit Travel
Service Ltd. and her organization Watoto Wa Kenya!
She was supported by Angelika and Jeremy from Terra Tours in Mombasa and by Gisela,
the marvellous flight attendant from Condor.

Gaby has a big heart for children, she founded her own foundation and with Watoto Wa Kenya
she supports a school in Mtwapa.

Many thanks to Gaby and her friends for making it possible for us!!

Thanks to Gaby we finally have electricity at NEW WHITHE HOUSE ACADEMY!
She donated a large amount of money which helped us to get power lines and a transformer.
Now we also have lights during the night at our school.
A big improvement and important for the safety of the children and the employees.