Visiting day


With friends and families of children

at New White House Academy in Voi :-)



Visit of Megan and Chloé

Megan and Chloé from Vancouver visited our school. The two are professional opera singers and taught our children music. Also Chris was present, a artist from Mombasa, who drew with the children and did handicrafts with them.

A huge thanks to everyone.... It was great fun!

Sponsoring of T-shirts from the Music Academy VAM in Vancouver


The Music Academy sponsored for all children and employees T-shirts.



Fundraising in NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY in Voi



It was a very successful day and a feast day for everyone.

It was the goal to have the necessary money available in order to purchase transformers and power supply lines.

This leads to electricity in our school.


On the 8th of July 2012, Annedore Biberstein and her team organised a donation day at the school. Many parents and relatives of the children, but also representatives of the public life and business people from Voi, came around and donated according

to their possibilities.