Annedore Biberstein is both, President of KENYAN CHILDREN HELP as well as the Director of the NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY... but first of all

she is simply the "Mama" of our school.

With love and patience she takes care of all the children, she is always willing to listen to the teachers and staff, talk to the families of the children and she is always open to a conversation with the people from the area. But she is also negotiating from charming to vigorously, but always successful, with Public authorities, ministers and businessmen, always concerned for getting the best for the school.


Mama Annedore lives next to the school, always and often around the clock she is taking care for the welfare of children. She loves to get a visit from friends and in her house guests from around the world are welcome. With joy she leads her guests in the school and the cheerful children always touch the hearts of the visitors.


Mama Annedore also has a big heart for animals and a life without dogs and cats would be inconceivable for her. That’s why the NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY is also home to many other animals such as chickens, ducks, goats or the donkey Libux .


Mama Annedore leads the school with a lot of heart and mind. Thanks to her tireless efforts she has made it in a very short time, to turn an abandoned plot to a wonderful school where around 200 children are learning cheerful and happy and also living there carefree. For many orphans the NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY became a new home.