Please help with a sponsoring…

..... and allow a good scolar education to a child in Kenya athough it comes from poorest backrounds. With your help, the kid receives a real chance to a better future. 

At NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY the child enjoys lovingly care all around the clock and gets enough food. 


A sponsorship remains usually during the whole scolarship, this means, as long as the child goes to school at the NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY. However, a resiliation of the sponsorship is always possible.


You receive a report from Kenya on a regular base about your godchild. In addition, we inform you each year with the annual report from KENYAN CHILDREN HELP about the development of our project. 


You can write letters to your godchild and it's possible to visit your godchild in the NEW WHITE HOUSE ACADEMY.


KENYAN CHILDREN HELP provides sponsorships for:


--> a child in primary School     at CHF  / EUR 60.-   per month  *)

--> a child in secondary School  at CHF / EUR 90.-   per month  *)


For these children, we are urgently looking for a sponsorship   ---->


A sponsorships brings a lot of joy and happyness ...

                           to the godchild and the godparents


Please contact us if you are interested in a sponsorship:


E-Mail to:


Thank you so much for your help !!!

*) This amount is not always sufficient to cover the incurred costs for a child. On a voluntary basis and if possible, a litte more could be payed we would be very grateful.  

And:  If you want to help with a smaller amount, every donation, regulary paied and not specific to a particular child, is extremly precious !!!

It helps to balance just where it's necessary, e.g. more medical needs etc.                           

                                                                        more informations: --->

Thank you very much for this too !!!